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Papa’s Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria is very attractive and instructive online flash game for those who love to spend time with pleasure. Again we go to Papa Louis`s kitchen, and this time you will be dealing with the preparation of a big variety of burgers! An interesting game about a chain of restaurants will help you realize your dream. Finally you have the opportunity to experience the complexity of the restaurant business: cooking quality food that would be loved by customers. Papa's Burgeria game offers you a change, to become burger shop`s chief and calculate all marketing moves to increase the number of sales. Imagine that you are the new owner of the food business. You have to take orders of visitors, fry the meat, add a garnish and serve food to visitors. Mix all the ingredients to a single, large burger. New and old customers will visit Burgeria and you will need to take orders, grill meat to the desired state, add ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and serve sandwiches to hungry customers. Papa's Burgeria has very easy control system. First you will need to select an empty slot to save the game. Then you will be asked to enter your name. Then you choose which character you want to play. The choice consists of the girl named Rita and the guy Marty. Having defined the character, you will see a short video about how they came to work for such a famous chef. First you need to know to what extent our client wants to roast his meal. For example the pointer in a yellow zone indicates an average degree of roasting. Drag raw patty on the grill. Pointing arrow at it, we see the temperature and cooking time. When the clock points to the right division, press on the patty to it turn over. Cook and drag it to the desired location in the lower right corner. To continue making hamburgers, you need to go to the kitchen. Take the bottom part of the bun and put it on the work surface. And then you need to put products listed in the sales order on a bun. You have to apply components as evenly as possible; it will affect the price of the order. Sauces are on the other side are: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and barbecue. You have to drag the correct sauce on burgers, aim and release. When the order is ready drag the order sheet to the tray. Your client will examine and evaluate your meal to determine how good you were. Incorrectly prepared or decomposition of the ingredients’ right order will not bring good results. Fulfill orders as efficient as possible, keep an eye on the level of readiness of meat your customer wants and how many extra ingredients he has ordered. Learn how to serve customers quickly and efficiently, doing the work exactly as they ordered. Get money for your order and improve your cafe. The better you prepare food, the more you will satisfy visitors, the more money you get. At the end of each day you can visit the store, improve it and spend honestly earned tip for various upgrades and adaptations. Buy new and useful tools and decorations that will improve performance and help to increase profits. All this will help to develop services and get more points. As soon as you earn a lot of money, hire more workers to provide food to more customers. Papa's Burgeria is a good example of its genre. The basic idea of the game is to develop your own hamburger restaurant. You have to make your customers as happy as possible. However, this is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Some of them are very picky. That's why you should do everything possible to keep them satisfied with the level of service and delicious food. Follow simple and clear prompts during the passage of the first level. Control everything with your mouse.

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